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Shipping & Returns

Your Shipping & Returns policy should be added here.
1. Our listed prices include all fees and taxes. There will be no additional charges.

1. We can attach "Noshi" on almost all items except Specialty Gifts items.
2. We can attach message cards (not to exceed 30 words) for Flower Gifts only.

1. Normally it will take 7-10 business days to deliver the items (except Specialty Gifts items) after
we receive the orders. Delivery is subject to delay due to local traffic conditions.
Specialty Gifts items may take about 3 weeks to deliver after we receive the order.
2. Orders containing items from multiple suppliers may not all be delivered on the same day.
3. We can deliver on your specified delivery date only when the order was placed on
or before 10 business days of the delivery date.
4. Wrong address or the lack of other necessary delivery information will cause late delivery and possibly damage to the item.
Please fill out the sender and recipient phone numbers correctly.
5. We generally do not deliver to remote islands of Okinawa, Amami, Sado, etc.
If you would like to send to these areas, please ask us before you place your order.
6. All the orders made via web site will be tracked on this web site.

1. We pay the greatest attention to quality,
but if the items delivered are damaged or in unsatisfactory condition,
we will make it right with an appropriate replacement.
2. All items will not appear exactly as shown in the pictures.

・American Cherry, Matsutake Mushroom, and Limited Items
1. Depending on the harvest, in some cases we may need to close orders earlier than the original deadline.
2. Scheduled ship dates may change due to weather and other factors.
3. Orders are processed in order of receipt. If the crop yield is lower than expected, some orders may need to be cancelled.
4. We reserve the right to cancel all orders if we cannot cannot deliver product due to weather or natural disaster.
5. Due to the unpredictable nature of the harvest and weather, we cannot accept specific delivery date requests.
6. Wrong address or lack of required delivery information will cause delays in delivery.
If desired you can forward to a different address with an additional fee of $6.50.
7. We do not attach any message card and Japanese gift wrapping paper on these items.
8. All cancel requests must be made within 2 business days after order. We cannot cancel/refund any orders that have already shipped.

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